The Tournament

The Tournament
is a different kind of golf fundraiser with a limited number of golfer spots available. We are looking for 4 to 16 golfers to attempt to play 54 holes (our as many as you can) of golf in one day to raise funds for The Van. Much like a Walkathon, Bikeathon, etc each golfer will have an individual fundraising page where supporters can donate. As an added bonus there are incentives for both those who donate and the golfer raising money.
UPDATE: Apparently the idea of playing 54 holes of golf in one day scared people. It will only be me playing a marathon day of golf (hopefully more than 54 holes) to raise money for the Van. People who donate will still be eligible for the drawing for a PKGO grill. Since the course is still unplayable because of the Arkansas River flooding I will be playing at Pine Valley Golf course.
When & Where:
Date -
Friday, June 14th (deadline to signup Sunday, June 9th)
Time - 8 A.M. til 5:30 P.M.
Where - Burns Park (Championship Course, Tournament Course, Championship Course)

The Tournament is really 2 tournaments in one.
2 Player Shamble: A "shamble" is a type of golf tournament format in which a team of golfers selects the one best drive among them after teeing off, then all players (in this case 2) play their own golf balls from that position into the hole. You can think of a shamble as a scramble off the tee and then regular stroke play into the hole. Any holes not completed will be scored with the max score for that hole. There will be a team winner (best combined score for 54 holes) and and individual winner (best individual score for 54 holes).
Yellow Ball Tournament: Each team starts with 1 Yellow Van ball (extra yellow balls can be earned, see below). The yellow ball rotates among the team members, changing after each hole. For example, on the first hole Player A hits the yellow ball; on the second hole, Player B plays the yellow ball, rotating throughout the round. The yellow ball score is kept separately. The team with the lowest yellow ball score wins. Any holes not completed will be scored with the max score for that hole. If a team loses all it's yellow balls they receive the max score for each remaining hole.

2 Person Shamble Team Winners - Each member will receive a gift card worth 1% of the total amount raised by The Tournament fundraiser. Example - If we raise $20,000 each member of the winning team would get a $200 gift card.
Individual Shamble Winner - Player with the lowest individual score for the 54 holes will receive a gift card worth 2% of the total amount raised by The Tournament fundraiser.
Yellow ball Team WinnersEach member will receive a gift card worth 1% of the total amount raised by The Tournament fundraiser.

Additionally each player will be eligible for various prize drawings at the end of  The Tournament
Current list of Prizes:
$100 gift card to Hogg's Meat Market
$80   gift card to Stickyz Rock N' Roll Chicken Shack
$75   gift card to Lost Forty Brewing
$75   gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods

Donation Incentives: 
   For those donating
   1. When you make a donation through the donation page of a player participating in The Tournament your name gets entered into our raffle for a PKGO Grill & Smoker. Winner will be notified within 10 days after completion of The Tournament. Do not donate anonymously if you want to be entered in the raffle.  
   Donation raised by golfers
   1. Individual golfer who raises the most money will receive a gift card worth 1% of the total amount raised by The Tournament fundraiser. Maximum of $500.
   2. Individual golfer will earn "Gimme Putts" for every $250 raised. Example - Player A raises $750, that's worth 3 "Gimme Putts" to be used during The Tournament. Gimme Putts can only be used on putts on the green. Player A hits the green in 2 on a hole, decides to use one of his Gimme Putts, picks up ball, scores a 3 on that hole.
   3. Team Bonus - Each team starts off with 1 Yellow Van ball. Team earns another Yellow Van ball if their combined donation raised amount eguals $1000, 1 more Yellow Van ball can be earned if the team raised amount equals $2000. Max Yellow Van ball per team is 3.  See game rules for an explanation of the Yellow Van ball.

Gift Cards:
Gift card values will be determined once the fundraising campaign has completed and we have verified the final amount. Winners should receive their gift cards within 10 days.

Each player must register at The Van Fundraiser.
This will get  your individual fundraising page.
Send an email to MARK@THEONEINC.ORG to let me know your playing partner.
If you don't have a playing partner yet, still register and notify me once you get one.
Start raising money.

Player Commitment:
1. I will raise a minimum of $250 in donations in exchange for my participation entrance fee (This includes the green fees and cart for the days play).
2. If I don't raise $250 in donations, I understand I am responsible to donate the remaining difference in support of The Van. Difference must be payed before playing in The Tournament.

General Rules to speed up play:
1. Play ready golf.
2. No Lost Ball penalties.  Don’t  spend a lot of time searching for lost balls!  Drop a ball near where you expected it to be and play on without any penalty
3. No Out of Bounds penalties. If you hit a ball OB, simply drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball went OB and play on without penalty.
4. No Water Hazard penalties. If you hit a ball in the water hazard, simply drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball went in the hazard and play on without penalty.
5. 2 putt maximum per hole. 
6. Triple Bogey maximum score per hole. Par 3 - max score 6, Par 4 - max score 7, Par 5 - max score 8. Please pick up and move on once you've hit the max score. Remember you have 54 holes to play.
7. You can improve lie by 1 club length no closer to the hole. Except in sand traps. Must play it as it lies in sand traps. 

Player Agreement:
By committing to participation in The Tournament your are agreeing to the following terms:
I know that a golf marathon event is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and participate in this event unless I am medically able and properly trained and have sufficient stamina to safely and successfully complete this event without harm or injury to myself. In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, waive, release and discharge any and all rights and claims for damages against the The Tournament directors and designated officials, The One,Inc, Burn Park golf course, and all other participating sponsors, agents and employees of such parties for all claims of damages, demands, actions, whatsoever in any manner arising from my participation in this event. I grant permission to all of the foregoing the use of any photographs, motion pictures, recording or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose.
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