Board & Staff

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve. It's a working board with a mission to help the organization succeed. 

Aaron Reddin, Founder & Executive Director

Aaron has been described as a “crazy, guerrilla homeless advocate.” He’s been fighting for our homeless neighbors for over a decade and a half. He’s a proud Arkansan and lives to locate and love his unsheltered neighbors.

Lindsay Carter, Board Treasurer

Lindsay is in no way qualified to be a board member. However, she cannot deny a certain fire burning inside of her. A fire that prevents her from being complacent, from being disengaged, from being unplugged. She chooses to serve others so that her heart may be served. It’s a selfish motivation, really. To advocate for another human being is to advocate for oneself. She knows we are all on this earth together and we all deserve love, compassion, and encouragement. The One, Inc. provides a remarkable platform for those who choose to advocate for Arkansas’s homeless. She is grateful for the opportunity to hitch her wagon to such an amazing, grassroots organization. Her passions include reading, running, family, and community. Lindsay is a Financial Advisor by day, providing retirement and investment solutions to her clients. By night, she carries a torch for The One, Inc.

Anthony K. Valley, Board Secretary

Anthony is loved unconditionally by Jesus and serves him outright imperfectly flawed every day. He is a reformed legalist transformed by God’s grace and undeserved love. Because of Jesus’ one-way love, Anthony understands his own brokenness and his calling to be a loving servant to other people. The One, Inc. is a priceless illustration of how loving people works—no rules, no apologies, just help.

Anthony is a member of Fellowship North where he serves on the Missions team, the High School Student Ministries, the Worship/Creative Arts team, and the Elder Board. Although he spent most of his professional career as an IT database professional/software developer, he is currently using his IT skill set as an Enterprise Marketing professional at Windstream. He is the husband to one amazing wife and father to four wonderful daughters.

Angela Carson, Board Vice President

Angela Carson comes to the The One, Inc. board with 40 (+) years of experience in ‘just trying to be a good human’. Her connection with The Van started with an article about a “homeless heretic…with a plan and a van”, in the April 2008 weekly Sync publication. A new seed of compassion for her homeless neighbors was planted, and has not stopped growing.

Angela has served her community for 20+ years as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Volunteering, serving, and taking action has been a way of life for her, as she grew up in a volunteer-oriented family. Angela was a volunteer youth leader for over 15 years, and she and her husband led these groups in several ‘mission trips’ to The Van’s warehouse, plus led them in yearly in state/out of state work mission trips.

Angela’s hope is that by serving on the Board, she can be of assistance to the grass roots volunteers of The Van, as they ‘leave the 99’ and locate and love ‘the one’ of our many unsheltered homeless neighbors.

Brian Thompson, Board member
Brian met Aaron when he was looking to insure the OG Van and after learning about the operation, he couldn't help but become involved. He's been a supporter ever since, and a Board Member since 2013.

The ethos of The One with "No Rules, No Apologies, Just Help" resonates deeply with Brian, as he believes we are all worthy and in need of love, compassion, and assistance as we go through this life together.

Brian is the District Manager -Central US with Markel Insurance, member of Second Baptist Church - Downtown Little Rock, a proud father to two great boys, and an undeserving husband to an amazing wife.

Tricia Williams, Associate Director
In 2005, Tricia found herself in a world turned upside down and went deep into survival mode. She focused on working hard as an early childhood special education teacher, finding herself, and making a stable, peaceful life for her children, Cheyenne and Colton. In 2012, as her children grew older, she started looking for a way to give back after being on the receiving end of so much support, love, and help. After trying out a couple of different places, she found her home with The Van and The Field. Several years in, she couldn't imagine pouring her heart into another place. Her love for her Van family and the relationships she has built with friends outside can never be put into words.

Mark Deal, Board President
Mark originally got involved because he couldn't shake the image of a man sleeping on the sidewalk in the middle of winter with only a garbage bag as cover that Aaron had posted on social media. There was no choice but to get involved. After that he was hooked. You learn names and faces and you hear people's stories. Names are powerful things, names make it personal. They grab onto a little piece of your brain and heart and won't let go. Mark doesn't really see this as volunteering, it's just part of who he is now.

Mark is a retired IT professional, member of the Levy Church of Christ, married to his high school sweetheart, and a Halloween fanatic.

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