The Warehouse

Back in 2011 when The Van was born, it started in a garage and soon moved to a storage unit. It didn't take long for community support to increase to the point of needing a warehouse and a general headquarters for The Van and The One, Inc. 7 years of renting a warehouse later we again found our work stifled by the limitations of not owning our facility. 

We started a fundraiser on 12/3/18, In less than 3 months you donated enough (over $60,000) to seal the deal, and outfit our new warehouse. We are now in south LR just a few blocks from the Arkansas Foodbank, on 61st. It allows more people to come and volunteer without having to drive so far to participate. 

One building is the warehouse, one is the administrative offices & food storage, and one is a shop for maintaining our vehicles.  Led by a small dedicated core group volunteers collect, sort, and organize donations. 

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