Good morning friends. Many have inquired about the impacts of the current pandemic on The Van and our operations.
Last week I met with officials at the Arkansas Department of Health about our operations and how they may be impacted, and how they may need adjusted to lessen our impact on the spread of coronavirus. ADH implored us to continue our work, but with thorough protection and caution.
As of now, we are trying to meet the immediate needs of our unsheltered neighbors without gathering groups of people. This means strictly meeting with people in their “spots” or individual camps. It will be taking us a bit longer to get to everyone without gathering. Please be patient with us.
Some of our volunteers are needing to self isolate for the protection of their families. Other volunteers will be covering. Again, we ask for your patience.
We understand the additional strain this situation will be putting on our already strained local shelters, and the fear it will cause for those who need to seek shelter. Aside from our regular nightly Van runs, we will be responding to needs for warm/dry blankets during the day as well. If you need covers please find a way to get a message to us by calling or texting 501-955-3444.
We do currently need hand sanitizer badly, for volunteers and distribution. For the time being please use the drop off bins at our warehouse: 4500 W 61st, LR 72209
Thank you all so much for your continued support of The Van. Your giving is what keeps us going. Thank you.
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