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Many of you were introduced to our little micro-farm when P. Allen Smith came out to the initial location behind the old warehouse.  Since then, we have completely moved the farm onto 5 acres that we own outright (Phase I).  We've spent the last couple years clearing the land and building the infrastructure.  Today we have grown this farm to include a garden plot, an orchard, an apiary, a greenhouse, wellhouse, berry patch, pumpkin patch, outdoor event area, etc.  Our goals have always been simple:  Grow food and grow opportunities for people experiencing homelessness.

We believe it's time to grow the farm.  We believe it's time to grow more food.  And we know it's time to grow more opportunities for people to earn a dignified wage.

What you see above (Phase II) is the 13.64 acre farm next door.   As you can see, it's turnkey and ready to farm.  It has an old farmhouse on it that we intend to fix up for a few farmhands to be able to reside onsite.   

The more work we've been able to create through Back 5 Fields, the more we've had unsheltered folks asking us for work.  We want to be able to say YES more than we have to say NO when a person is seeking to improve their circumstances through an honest days' dignified labor.  Dirty hands and clean money.  

The purchase price of a large operating farm with an old house on it in the city limits isn't cheap.  However, we've done our homework and it comps out.  It is also the only direction in which our farm can grow, ever, and things aren't exactly cheapening.  So we're going for it.  And we're asking for your help.  

We've been crunching all the numbers and here they are.  We can buy this farm outright, old house and farmland for $272k.  That's a lot of money.  That's about the equivalent of one year's operating budget for us.  Don't let me lose you now because this farm will be turning a profit by next summer and carrying its own weight.  Not to mention the services provided through the housing component.  So, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't scare us to take on the challenge of providing more opportunities and growing more jobs.  

 When we first created this page on 9/11/22, our goal was to raise the amount needed for the down payment or about $55,000.  So many amazing people came through and we were able to raise beyond that in FOUR days!  

So, our board president came on here and adjusted that little thermometer you see down there because it's not too late to just go for it all he says.  But in all honesty, we are going to need some seed money.  We are going to need some fence mending money.  We are going to need some money to work on the house on the farm.  So, we decided last night at our board meeting that we needed to put the 20% down and use the remainder raised between now and closing for immediate needs like a septic system and so on.  

Where we are now, as of 9/16/22...waiting.  We are under contract and working our way through all the paperwork and fun stuff.  Many more updates to come!  Be sure to like our facebook page for Back 5 Fields!

If you'd rather mail a check than use PayPal:

The One, Inc. PO Box 250061 Little Rock, AR 72225

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